On the Welfare/Warfare State

I’m borrowing this from Jacob Halbrooks over at Lew Rockwell’s


The next time the government floats the idea to attack whatever country or to provide whatever service for whatever “special” group, ask yourself what you would do in the following situation:

Consider our state if there was no forced collection of taxes. Instead, the government had to appeal directly to the people for voluntary contributions for its services and policies. There would be a welfare fund, for example, that charitable minded people might pay into. Now imagine that the President wishes to invade a foreign country.  To raise funds, he sends out a direct mail advertisement, which you open:

“Hey honey, looks like they want to invade Iran.”

So what do they want from us?”

Money. They want $1000, but any amount is appreciated. The troops would appreciate it.”

“Hmmm, don’t we still have some credit card debt left over from Christmas?”

“Yeah. And we’ve also been saving up for a vacation to Europe.”

“Tell them to write us again next year.”

Voting reveals little preference for a particular candidate’s policies. The reason is that those voters do not directly pay for the policies of their preferred candidates. (There’s no real cost/benefit analysis by the voter/taxpayer, because there is no direct cost to the voter/taxpayer – the taxes are taken out of your paycheck BEFORE you get the money or are taken in the form of inflation as a result of the government printing press/counterfeit operation.).  The costs of the federal government’s policies are spread throughout all of the people (including those in other countries).  In a system where government activities are only funded voluntarily and at direct cost to those contributing, we would find the true mandate of the people for financing specific policies of the government.  Likely, we would find an end to the welfare/warfare state and an army of bureaucrats seeking other employment

My comments:  Concerning the current (alleged) threat to our way of living – Iran – are you willing to personally contribute a couple thousand dollars in order to help finance an attack?  How about contributing your life or your son’s life in the form of volunteering to go in the military and to be on the front line of the invasion?

If the answer to either of the above questions is “No”, then I have a question:

Do you really believe that Iran is a significant threat to the United States? 

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