Perspective on the Current Budget Proposal from the Bush Administration

From here by Gordon Bishop:

President Bush’s record $3.1 trillion budget request for fiscal 2009 would add $407 billion to the federal debt, which already is more than $3 trillion.

How much can America’s taxpayers continue to cough up to keep the federal government from going bankrupt?

Let’s take a look at that unprecedented $3.1 trillion amount in real world numbers and dollars.

A person given $1 million a year to spend would need 3 million years to blow $3 trillion. The United States, a government of sizable financial appetite, can do it in one year.

There are bout 6.8 billion people in the world, meaning that every living person would get $441 if the U.S. government’s budget was divided up. If the money was split among the 300 million Americans, everyone would take home $10,000.

Counting to 3 trillion at a rate of one number a second would take almost 95,000 years.

Looking at it another way, one would have to circumnavigate the globe 120 million times to travel 3 trillion miles.

Similarly, that would be some 17,000 round trips (back-and-forth) to the sun.

Bush called his budget “innovative” and “balanced.”

However, the full cost of the two wars is not included in the budget request. The White House requested only $70 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan, and will issue a second request for the full amount “once the specific needs of our troops are better known.”

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