Something that may surprise you about political parties

All conservatives are aware of the evil of the democratic party platform re: pro-death of not yet born babies, anti-gun rights, socialism, etc. . . all of which are “unsympathetic” to the victims/potential victims.  Socialism may appear to intend to protect people, but in the long run it leads to starvation – as the Pilgrims discovered (but that’s another story).

Were you aware that the republicans are, as a rule, against Plaintiffs (the injured person) in lawsuits involving doctors, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc. . . ? It is probably fair to say that Republicans tend to restrict the right of all Plaintiffs to recover against all Defendants.

(Generally speaking) It is republican legislatures that support and pass laws severely restricting the Plaintiff’s ability to sue the doc or big pharma.  It is republican legislatures that support and pass laws capping the amount of damages that can be given to the Plaintiff by the jury.

 Ohio and West Virginia are good examples of this.  Ohio is predominantly Republican and is one of the worst states in the United States in which to sue someone for a personal injury, malpractice, etc. . .  Verdicts tend to be quite low and it is quite common for Plaintiffs to totally lose meritorious cases against physicians.  Gallia County, Ohio is perhaps the worst place in the state to sue a physician – the last 10 trials against physicians from Holzer have resulted in 9 verdicts for the Defendant doc and the 10th verdict resulted in a $17,000.00 verdict for the Plaintiff’s family in a wrongful death – the jury found that the doc was liable for the death, but only gave the family $17,000.

West Virginia, on the other hand, is predominantly Democrat and Plaintiff’s cases are worth about twice as much on that side of the Ohio River.  Plus, the pre-suit filing requirements against physicians are less restrictive in West Virginia than in Ohio.  Among conservative republican “tort reform” groups, West Virginia is literally known as the nation’s worst judicial hell hole.  See link:

The primary reason West Virginia is known as a judicial “hell hole” is because Plaintiffs can actually receive adequate compensation for their injuries.  The conservatives blame the low standard of living, high unemploment and low number of new businesses coming into West Virginia on the court system’s “generosity” to Plaintiffs.

Note also that the Bush Administration has been very active in protecting “Big Pharma” against lawsuits relating to the autism/vaccination link, etc. . .

So, before you start thinking that the Republicans are the “moral” party which is most “pro-life”, consider the Republican Party’s treatment of injured (and dead) persons.  Protecting life is not limited to life not yet born.  But the Republican Party tends to be more interested in protecting corporations than individuals.  Note, also, that the Republicans – as a whole – are not REALLY interested in making abortion illegal.  If they were, they would have done something substantial while they controlled the House, Senate and Presidency in the early 2000s. 

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